Proven World-Class Aviation Grade Sealant

What is Cilajet?

Cilajet is a proven world-class aviation grade sealant. It is not like any traditional car waxes or other coatings commonly used in automotive detailing. It is a true anti-corrosive sealant which, when professionally applied, bonds to painted and metal surfaces at the micron level, giving them a mirror-like finish. Cilajet has passed more than 40 tests, met and exceeded specifications of the aircraft industry and is endorsed and approved by: Boeing, Airbus, Gulfstream and NASA.

Cilajet is the industry leader in its category for the last 10 years. When professionally applied, Cilajet molecularly bonds to the exterior of your paint leaving a deep mirror like finish while reducing surface imperfection such as webbing and fine scratches. Cilajet will help your vehicle remain in excellent condition for years, thereby adding value to your vehicle.